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Get Staked and Coached by icheckback

We are always looking for up and coming players with potential to help work their way up the poker ranks. If you have a rakeback account with icheckback, you can apply for a poker stake, coaching, or both. Let us know how we can help you reach your poker goals!

Skype Access to Pros

Be part of the team and join the pros at icheckback over Skype. Whether you want our advice about a hand bothering you or just want to engage in the occasional online banter over long grinding sessions, we are usually online.

Get the Tools the Top Pros Use

Don't let your opponents have an advantage over you just because you are not aware of the most up to date poker tools. We stay up to date on the best poker software for improving your play at the tables and increasing your winnings.

Find the Best Poker Rooms

Make sure your time playing poker is maximizing your hourly win rate. There is a huge difference in your expected win rate between some rooms. Find the poker sites with the best games, the most trustworthy track records, and the most generous reward programs.

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Poker resources and site design are currently in development.

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